Accessible Bathroom Tips from HGTV Pro with Builder Russell Kennefic
Accessible Bathroom Tips from HGTV Pro with Builder Russell Kennefick
Check out these top accessible bathroom tips from California homebuilder specialist, Russell Kennefick and HGTV Pro.  

Building an accessible bathroom for all types and degrees of disabilities can be a difficult task at times, since there are so many variables involved in successfully 
creating a functional and comfortable bathroom for the physically 
challenged. From hiring a contractor to selecting fixtures, it can 
be a complicated undertaking. 

However, there are some basic, general guidelines that are 
applicable to just about any handicap bathroom design that you 
end up choosing for your situation. 

The home building pros at HGTV Pro offer great advice in their 
article, Guide for Designing Stylish, Accessible Bathrooms, that 
discusses ways to design a bathroom for the disabled that is both highly practical, yet retains the flavor of home. 

HGTV Pro points to bathroom remodeling contractor, Russell Kennefick, president of The Accessibility Contractor Inc. in Millbrae, Calif., who remodels bathrooms for the disabled and has a sense and knowledge of what it takes to make a fully accessible bathroom in a home environment.

His two main goals in dealing with disabled clients, is to fit a bathroom to their specific needs and to make the bathroom feel homey, rather than institutional. Kennefick says, 

He is very knowledgeable about the stringent requirements of the ADA, even though residential disabled bathrooms are not required to adhere to these standards. They are, however, a good point of guidance when it comes to creating a functional bathroom and it is important to use a building contractor who understands these issues. He also understands the important issues that proper safety handicap bathroom accessories for home use.

From his experience, Kennefick offers several basic guidelines for an accessible bathroom design, that can make it look great and function superbly for anyone who uses it. He addresses such issues as the proper dimensions for home mobility aids such as standard and transport wheelchairs, some key issues about the disabled bath and shower area, and the ideal toilet fixtures that he recommends.  

His design and construction elements produce clean, simple and highly functional accessible bathrooms, while still offering warm, comfortable environments that promote personal independence and preserves dignity for all his clients. He is also careful to include the most current bathroom safety elements in his designs.

It's not hard to understand why his business is one of the most experienced and trusted companies that the physically challenged turn to in Millbrae, Calif., area to design and build accessible bathroom for residential homes.

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