Accessible Bathrooms: Video Tours of Wheelchair Bathrooms for the Home
Accessible bathrooms for the physically challenged should be safe, comfortable, and personally customized in any home setting. Check out these brief video tours for great design ideas. 

Building accessible bathrooms for homes should be more than just following a typical institutional-looking floor plan, since a residential wheelchair accessible bathroom should not only be highly functional, but should also exude a welcoming, comforting environment for the physically challenged. 

There's no other place in the home that can cause more anxiety, loss of personal independence, concerns over safety and lack of comfort, than a poorly designed and skimpily appointed bathroom for the disabled.

Whether you are planning on remodeling or tackling a new building project for your handicap bathroom design, there are several areas of an accessible bathroom that must be addressed specifically and successfully in order to create the best bathroom environment for the disabled. 

If you aren't sure where to start when planning your wheelchair bathroom, take a look at these two very helpful video tours of accessible bathrooms that meet most ADA bathroom requirements, yet still retain the feel and comfort of a residential setting. Remember, you or your loved one needs to feel safe, comfortable and needs to exercise a certain amount of independence, in order to retain as much dignity and normalcy as possible. 

  • Video #1: Take a look at this quick video tour which explains the general lay out for a wheelchair accessible bathroom. Notice the disabled bathroom flooring used, which is mosaic tile flooring. This material is one of out best suggestions for a handicap bathroom floor plan.

  • Video #2: Get an excellent, comprehensive view of an accessible bathroom that can meet the needs of both the wheelchair-bound as well as all other types of disabilities. It is a great view of a handicapped bathroom design that is superb for installation in a home, whether or not it is used for disability purposes. Remember, even your home value will go up as a result of installing a universal design bathroom in a new home.

Check out more of our information about designing disabled bathrooms, types of handicapped bathroom accessories and tips about designing truly functional, accessible bathrooms in the home.

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