ADA Bathroom Requirements: Guidelines for Home Disabled Bathroom Designs
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ADA Bathroom Requirements
Even if you are building or remodeling a residential bathroom for the disabled, it's very helpful to follow many of the ADA bathroom requirements for public handicapped bathroom facilities.

This will ensure that you avoid basic mistakes when it comes to accessibility issues, important features of design and appropriate equipment for the disabled. Creating a residential handicap bathroom design by ADA bathroom requirements also automatically elevates the resale value of most homes.

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides guidelines for every facet of designing a handicapped bathroom including wheelchair accessibility dimensions, clearance for walk in tubs, height and depth of handicap toilets, various disabled shower requirements, specs for grab bars for bathtubs and showers, sink and vanity heights, disabled bathroom flooring and much more.

The ADA bathroom requirements are indepth and cover every possible requirement for the disabled. 
While you may not need to adhere to every stipulation provided by the ADA bathroom facilities, you can glean necessary information for designing your residential handicapped bathroom. Even if you're using a contractor that is experienced in building ADA compliant bathrooms, you will be more knowledgeable about what is involved in making your home safe and accessible to the handicapped. This knowledge is also helpful in creating a universal design bathroom as well.

For more complete information about the best ways to design a disabled bath area, you should read the current ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines Homepage. These Federal requirements are the most comprehensive resource you will find about constructing or renovating a handicapped bathroom for the home. 

ADA guidelines for handicapped restrooms will cover everything from toilet and bathing facilities to bathroom safety issues, such as as non-slip floors, grab rails and home mobility aids. While these guidelines are quite comprehensive and are designed to meet Federal regulations for all public restrooms, you will find everything you need and more to give you a good idea of what you can or should include in your residential disabled bathroom area.

After comparing the public requirements for bathrooms for the disabled with your own specific needs at home, you can more knowledgeably decide what you or your loved one actually needs. It may not be necessary to include everything that a public facility includes, depending on the extent of a person's disability. You can be sure, however, that you include everything that is necessary in the design of your new bathroom that not only meets ADA bathroom requirements, but that provides a comfortable practical bathroom area for a person who faces the challenges of disability.

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