ADA Bathroom Sinks: Home Benefits, Installation and Selection Tips
ADA Bathroom Sinks: Home Benefits, Installation and Selection Tips
There are many good reasons to choose ADA bathroom sinks for residential use, including not only the practical benefits for the disabled, but also to elevate your home's resale value. 

Although the ADA does not mandate that private homes adhere to ADA regulations for accessibility, many home owners find that meeting these 
specifications can ensure maximum accessibility to all users. 

Installing ADA compliant bathroom accessories can also 
increase the resale value of their home and make it more 
attractive to a broader spectrum of potential buyers. 

By following some simple guidelines, you can find easy and 
affordable ways to comply with these rules without sacrificing 
the style of your bathroom.

A major area of concern when designing a bathroom that follows 
ADA regulations is that there must be enough space for those 
with various disabilities to be able to maneuver in the bathroom 
and underneath the sink area. This does tend to eliminate the 
possibility for certain types of sinks, such as those that sit on top of a closed cabinet, unless it is a self-rimming design that is ADA-compliant.

However, there are a myriad of other sink options available for disabled bathrooms that still adhere to ADA regulations. You can easily find a particular style that fits your home decor style, while still providing practical use in accessible bathrooms for the home.

Consider a wall-mounted sink for an easy fix to this problem. 

Pedestal sinks are another simple solution. 

No matter what style you prefer with your home decor, the following guidelines must be met in order to be in compliance with the ADA:

  • All sinks must be mounted at the counter or with the rim no higher than 34 inches.

  • Provided knee clearance must be at least 27 inches in height, 30 inches in width and 19 inches in depth.

  • The sink itself should be no more than 6.5 inches deep.

  • Faucets should be easy to operate with one hand that requires no more than 5 pounds of force to turn. 

  • There should not be any sharp or rough objects under the sink that could result in potential injury.

  • Any hot pipes should be insulated or otherwise designed so that they will not come into contact with the user of the sink.

  • A clear floor space of 30 inches by 48 inches must be provided for wheelchair maneuverability. 

Where to find ADA sinks

Although these ADA bathroom requirements can seem extensive, there are a number of retailers that provide ADA-compliant sinks both in local area stores and through online stores. American Standard, Kohler and have helpful search filters that allow viewing of only ADA bathroom sinks on their websites. You can also find cheap bathroom remodeling products by checking with discount warehouses and online discount centers such as Amazon and Overstock.

Many of these sinks are stylish and designed to fit a variety of decors. Depending on the style and retailer, costs for these sinks can be well under $100, making them cost-effective and comparable to non-ADA sinks.

Tips for installation

No matter the type of sink that is being used in an accessible bathroom, it is important that it is installed by a licensed plumber or bathroom remodeling contractor who is familiar with the regulations of the ADA. Be sure to ask questions before hiring a professional to ensure that they are experienced with this type of installation, so that important details are not overlooked in the process.

Whether you are considering an ADA bathroom sink for yourself, your family, or simply to increase the resale of your home, you will definitely from installing an ADA-compliant lavatory in your home bathroom.
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ADA Bathroom Sinks
ADA Bathroom Sinks
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