Bathroom Remodeling Contractor: How to Find the Right Disability Contractor
Bathroom Remodeling Contractor: Find the Right Disability Contractor 
Learn how to find a remodeling contractor who specializes in disability bathroom designs and is knowledgeable in ADA bathroom requirments. Watch video for 10 mistakes to avoid!

Finding the right bathroom remodeling contractor who specializes in disabled bathroom designs, universal home designs, or is knowledgeable in ADA  bathroom 
requirements, can be a tricky undertaking. That's why it's 
important to know where to find a bathroom contractor, how to 
hire a contractor and how to protect yourself in case anything 
should go wrong. 

Whether you're an accomplished do-it-yourselfer, a moderately 
knowledgeable repairman or simply a homeowner who doesn't 
know anything about the workings of a bathroom except to turn 
the water and lights on, you will probably need some help from 
a bathroom remodeling contractor or building professional at 
some point. 

Everything from electrical wiring to plumbing will need to be 
addressed when retrofitting, building or remodeling an accessible bathroom in the home. So, it's a good idea to know how to hire the right remodeling contractor for your disability project.

How to Find a Bathroom Remodeling Contactor 

Finding a remodeling contractor isn't really that hard. The hard part is finding a disability contractor who is expert about construction for handicap accessibility in homes. The right contractor can help you choose the best disabled bathroom floor plan, as well as the best handicap bathroom accessories for your particular situation. 

Fixtures and accessories, such as grab barshandicap sinks, walkin tubs, handicap toilets, emergency call buttons and much more, are all part of the design features that must be addressed for accessible bathrooms. A disability contractor will know building standards, codes and accessbility laws that may affect your project design and requirements. 

While it's true that residential bathrooms for the disabled are not required to adhere to public ADA bathroom compliance laws, these guidelines, however, can be important suggestions for home projects as well. A good disability bathroom remodeling contractor will be up to speed on these. 

Even better, if you can find a contractor who is well versed in universal bathroom design for aging in place or for elderly bathrooms, you will more likely get what you pay for in terms of a professional, accessible resdiential bathroom. 
Of course, you may be able to use a contractor who does not particularly specialize in disability construction, but you will need to be highly involved and provide a lot of oversight as to what you want included in your disability bathroom or wet room for the disabled. Just be sure to have all the information you need and be very involved in every aspect of the remodeling or retrofitting of your home bathroom.

Two of the best ways to find the right remodeling contractor, is in your local area and through online resources. 

Local area

You can check with your county's Center for Aging or other agencies for the handicapped that may be available for information about contractors who are adept in disability remodels or building in the area. You can also check with Assisted Living Facilities in your area to see who they have used or recommend for ADA compliant projects. 

Also, ask around among your family, friends and people you run into around your area. If you find that a particular contractor is highly recommended, then you may have found someone who is reputable, trustworthy and professional. 

Online disability resources

There are many online resources that can give specific information about disability remodeling contractors in your area or in areas close by. Some of these resources provide you with names of remodeling experts that are already screened and approved for your convenience. 

You can also find planning resources, estimate tools, directories and more through several sources. Some resources specialize in disability building contractors and others are general resources sites that can help you find a disability design expert. 

Here are some that are very helpful in pointing you to the right contractor. 

When you find a contractor that you are interested in, be sure to check him out thoroughly yourself to avoid any future problems or issues that can easily arise with construction projects. Make sure that you feel you can trust the professional, that he listens to your concerns, requirements and financial limitations and that he is either a certified or a registered contractor. 

Go a step further in verifying how knowledgeable he is in disability remodeling or accessible housing requirements, and how many jobs of this nature he has completed. Get references, verify his reputation with the Better Business Bureau and always protect yourself with proper contracts and written agreements. 

There is, of course, much more to consider when searching for the right disability remodeling bathroom contractor. 

Check out the following video for "10 mistakes" you should avoid when hiring a contractor.

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