Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Create An Accessible Bathroom
Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Create An Accessible Bathroom
Follow these cheap, bathroom remodeling tips and you can save tons of money when creating an accessible bathroom in your home. Video instructions below.

Some of the best remodeling tips to make a bathroom more accessible need not cost a fortune. 
Of course, truthfully, sometimes making a bathroom accessible can run into a lot of money, depending on what is required for safety and usefulness, especially if you need to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor.

However, for a large percentage of disabled users, it is only necessary to make some important, yet relatively cheap changes in a home bathroom to make it a truly user friendly. When compared to completely retrofitting or building a new disabled bathroom, these cheap remodeling tips provide the best alternative for many residential, disabled bathrooms and you probably won't even need to hire a contractor for help.

Here are some of the cheapest and easiest ways that you can make your residential bathroom more accessible and user friendly:

  • Recessed sink and vanity - A recessed handicap sink and vanity area make it extremely easy for anyone to a maneuver around or roll a wheelchair underneath. Wall mount sinks are the best, since there is total clearance underneath for a wheelchair, and no extended vanity area to inhibit movement.

  • Lever or touch faucet - These types of faucets are best in disabled bathrooms, since they are much easier to turn on and off. In fact, a one touch faucet is terrific because anyone who can lift their arm to the sink can turn it on by simply tapping the faucet head. No need for gripping or pushing the handle or lever.

  • No threshold shower - If you need to provide an open shower area with easy shower wheelchair access, a no threshold shower or wet room adaptation is highly advisable. This allows a person in a shower wheelchair or one who is on a walker to easily maneuver into and out of the shower without assistance. The added safety and independence that this cheap remodeling tip offers is a huge boost to many disabled user's personal dignity.

  • Various bathroom seating products - Shower seatstoilets seats and bathtub lifts are all various types of seating that can allow a person greater freedom and safety while bathing or using the toilet. No one size fits all is appropriate here, since each user has his or her own requirements that are dictated by each particular disability. However, you can get helpful info by check out the ADA bathroom guidelines which can help to provide proper placement and product dimensions. 

  • Lighting - An often overlooked detail when remodeling a disabled bath, is the importance of proper lighting. One of the best safety features, is motion sensor lighting which automatically switches on when a person enters the bathroom. Additionally, with the use of contrasting colors on the disabled bathroom flooring area, sink and vanity trim, and shower access, a handicapped user can more easily mauve throughout the bath area.

There are many other cheap remodeling tips for handicapped bathrooms that you can add to your list of must-do's for your accessible bathroom. For much more information on some of the cheapest, and best remodeling tips, view the following video.

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