Bathtub Inserts: Quick Fix for Disabled Bathrooms
Bathtub Inserts: Quick Fix for Disabled Bathrooms 
Bathtub inserts or bathtub liners are a simple, quick way to retrofit your tub or shower for handicap use, without having to invest in a completely new bathtub or shower stall.

Bathtub inserts fit over the existing bathtub in order to give the tub a new finish and better functionality for accessible bathrooms. Bathtub liners are a quick 
and easy way to remodel a bathroom, rather than buying all new 

What is a Bathtub Insert?

Bathtub inserts or bathtub liners, are installed directly over 
existing tubs or showers to give the fixtures a new look. They 
can be installed over shower pans and walls. They provide safety 
attachments that make it easier to take a bath or shower, 
especially for elderly or disabled persons. 

Bathtub inserts usually fit over the tub with a minimum of 
hardware, and the existing tub does not have to be modified in 
any way to accommodate the insert.

Types and Features


Bathtub inserts are made from PVC or acrylic material. Acrylic is the most popular liner surface. Acrylic bathtubs are easy to clean, are durable and attractive. The inserts come in many different colors and styles, and are resistant to damage. 

Safety features

Some bathtub liners feature safety handles to make it easy to get in and out of the tub. They are also fitted with soap dishes, shampoo holders, and towel rods. The inserts can be purchased in a standard size or custom-made in order to meet specific needs of the customer. These special features can also include easy entry and exit models for the elderly and/or disabled, as well as handicap shower seats in shower stall inserts.

Advantages for the Disabled

Conventional tubs and showers are not generally designed with the physically challenged in mind. However, shower and tub inserts can be easily customized to be 
wide enough to accommodate mobility aids that are necessary 
for a wheelchair accessible bathrooms. They can also be 
modified to attach fixtures and slide bar shower heads low 
enough to make an accessible bathroom. 

Bathtub inserts come with safety bars and other features that 
provide extra support to a disabled person. Many manufactures 
specialize in complying with ADA bathroom requirements when 
designing bathtub inserts, which include walkin tub designs, 
and customized water and air jets.


Bathtub inserts fit directly over the existing bathtub or shower, so if there is any damage or water problems, the inserts will not repair them. Water can become trapped between the existing tub and the insert and result in mold and mildew build-up. 

Some customers complain that the inserts feel spongy and unstable under their feet, and that the inserts make the bathroom area seem smaller as the liners reduce the overall dimensions.

Buying Tips

Bathtub inserts can be more expensive than just refinishing the existing bathtub surface, so review several options carefully. The do-it-yourself person may find that purchasing a bathtub insert from a store and installing it is a less costly option. 

There are many companies that specialize in bathtub inserts, but always check with the Better Business Bureau and research any comments about customer satisfaction. Get references before purchasing.

Inserts can give the bathroom a new look and functionality, but will not repair any underlying problems that exist. However, bathtub inserts for tubs and showers are a quick fix for remodeling disabled bathrooms, if the product is of good quality and installed properly. 

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