Bathtub Lift: How to Install for Home Use
Bathtub Lift: How to Install for Home Use
A bathtub lift is a great alternative to more expensive walkin tubs, and are also very easy to install in any conventional bathtub at home. Here's how.

A bathtub lift benefits anyone who has trouble getting in and out of a tub at home. Sometimes called bath lift chairs, these home mobility aids enable those with mobility issues to regain a measure of independence when bathing. Both the ADA and 
AARP recommend bathtub lifts for those who have trouble using 
a transfer bench. Disability lifts for conventional bathtubs are also 
a cheaper alternative to installing a specially designed walkin

What you need to know 

This type of handicap bathroom accessory is not just for those 
with mobility issues. Those who have trouble placing their 
toddlers in and out of the tub, can also make good use of these
lifts. Simply place the toddler on the chair, and lower. 

Bathe as usual or allow the child to splash and play, supervised of course, and then use the lift chair to remove the child. This can help eliminate unnecessary strain on the upper and lower back, as well as the shoulders when giving your toddler a bath. Plus, he or she probably will enjoy the 'ride'! 

Avoid common danger in the bathroom

Over 350 deaths a year are a result of drowning or slips and falls while getting in or out of the bathtub, according to the National Safety Council. Bathtub lifts eliminate this risk as they lower the person taking the bath safely in and out of the water, while the person is in a seated position. 

Handicap lift systems for conventional tubs come with built-in safety precautions. For example, a battery-operated bath tub lift will not lower a person into the water if there is not enough charge left in the battery to raise them back out.

Bathtub lifts are also shock-proof. All parts of the chair are water-proof, there are no electrical wires, and even the remote control device is water-proof. 

It is important to know that the majority of lifts for handicap bathtubs safely accommodate up to only 300 to 350 pounds. For those who weigh over this amount, an alternative method should be considered. 

Easy to install

Generally, anyone who can read and follow instructions can install a bathtub lift. It is a simple do-it-yourself project that rarely requires the use of additional tools. Everything needed for installation is contained within the package. Many lift chairs are collapsible and portable, meaning they can be easily stored in a closet or under the bed until ready to use. They may also be packed for travel. 

How to install a battery-operated bathtub lift

1. Choose the particular chair lift system that you prefer. There are a variety of designs and price ranges. These can be purchased online or from hydrotherapy stores. It is recommended that you choose a product that is ADA compliant. 

2. Unpack the box and unfold the lift as instructed. 

3. Attach the suction cups to the tub.

4. Charge the battery pack for the recommended time before use, generally eight hours. 

5. Place the required batteries in the remote. 

6. Place a few items on the lift and give the lift a "dry run" before allowing a person to use it.

A better quality lift system for the bathtub can be expensive, so purchase one that comes with a full warranty. Look for extra safety features, such as seat belts, and arm rests that fold down. It is always wise to purchase a bathtub lift that includes a lifetime warranty on the motor. 

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