Bidet toilet seat: How to Install a Handicap Toilet Bidet Seat 
Learn how to install a bidet toilet seat in a disabled bathroom. Most DYI'ers can simply follow instructions to provide the benefits of a bidet in any bathroom. See video below.

A bidet toilet seat for a disabled bathroom is a wonderful handicapped bathroom accessory that can make life more comfortable, independent and safe. Unlike pure 
bidets, which are separate toilet fixtures that must accompany a 
traditional commode, toilet bidet seats are bidet attachments that 
can be installed directly onto your conventional commode, or in
some cases, under a raised toilet seat, often without the help of a 

You can find bidet toilet seats in various sizes, designs and 
prices. Whether you have an elongated handicap toilet seat or a 
standard toilet seat size, there are bidet attachments to fit. There 
are also a variety of designs that offer a broad range of features. 
You can easily find one that will suit your particular needs. 

Some are basic bidet seat attachments that are simply installed to 
your incoming tank water line, and fitted under your current handicap 

Others offer a full line of features, from a completely new seat, 
complete with electronic controls that are fingertip accessible, to those which offer warm water control and warm air drying capabilities.

There are a number of toilet bidet seats and attachments that are available that can fit just about any budget. Plus, if you just want to try out the convenience of a bidet before you invest in a full system, you can even select a portable bidet or hand held bidet sprayer. 

More and more physically challeneged users are switching to toilet bidet combo systems because of the ease of use, functionality and practical benefits. If, however, you are concerned about how to install a seat to your conventional toilet, in most instances, it really is a breeze. 

When you find the purchase the one that you prefer, you will get installation instructions from the manufacturer. Learn how easy it is to install a bidet seat attachment in an accessible bathroom by watching the following video example.

How to install a bidet toilet seat in an accessible bathroom:

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