Body Dryer for Disabled Bathrooms: Enjoy Comfort and Independence
Body Dryer for Disabled Bathrooms: Enjoy Comfort and Independence
A full body dryer provides a convenient and independent way for the disabled to dry off without having to use a towel or require help from a care giver.

Drying off after a shower can be a difficult and strenuous experience for those who are physically challenged. If the arms or hands are disabled, even a 
task as simple as drying the body after a shower can be very 
challenging and embarrassing, since many times, a caregiver
much provide help.

What are body dryers?

Body dryers work somewhat on the same principal as hand
dryers found in many public restrooms. However, the air dryers 
in public restrooms are only used for drying the hands and a full 
body dryer system can dry the whole body in minutes while a
person remains in the handicap shower stall or bath area. The
system works by gently releasing warm air into the area, and
quickly drying the body without any hassle. 

Even though this accessible bathroom accessory is especially 
helpful to the handicapped, it is also a great feature for traditional 
bathrooms. Or, if you have a universal design bathroom in the 
home that everyone can use, a bathroom dryer can be enjoyed by everyone.

Types and Features

There are different types of body dryer systems and each has it's own installation instructions. Some are made to mount outside the shower area, which can be an inconvenience to users by having to move from one area to the other while still wet from bathing. These may also make it necessary for the disabled to require a certain amount of help, depending on mobility issues. These types generally blow warm air in one direction and make it difficult to dry easily all over without turning or moving. 

Another type is the Tornado Gentle Air Body Dryer which is designed to be mounted directly inside the shower or near the handicap bathtub area. It features a body length air tube that evenly distributes air around the body to quickly dry a person before exiting the shower or bath area. The Tornado Body Dryer is the only system that offers these features.

When the unit been turned on, all a person must do is stand or sit in the shower for easy and quick drying. You can choose between 2 settings so that you can control the intensity of air flow. After washing, a full body dryer can dry a person in approximately 3 minutes!

Advantages for the Disabled

There are several advantages for the disabled. Obviously there are no towels required and since many users may suffer from conditions of the hands like arthritis, it is no longer necessary to deal with the pain and difficulty of trying to towel dry. Those with sensitive skin problems or other health issues that make towel drying difficult or problematic, can also benefit.

For those who have limited or no mobility in the upper body, this drying system is exceptionally helpful to both user and caregiver. After a shower, the only thing that needs to be done is for the handicapped user to enjoy being dried by warm, gentle air swirling around the immediate area.

Disadvantages or Problems

One problem that could arise is an issue with faulty wiring. As with any mechanism that blows heat and uses electricity, there is always the chance of a fire or of a shock injury. Be sure to get a qualified electrician to install the unit, unless you are very knowledgeable about wiring yourself. Problems with body dryers are very rare, but it is always good to be cautious.

Buying Tips

There are various types of bathroom dryer systems, so before making a purchase, it's wise to do some research based on the needs that you or a loved one has. Compare prices, features, installation requirements, warranties and future repair needs. Also, select this handicapped accessory only from a reputable company that is approved by the Better Business Bureau.

Body dryers are very useful equipment for disabled bathrooms as well as for any bathroom, and can make showering or taking a bath a more enjoyable experience for everyone in the home.

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