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Disabled Bath: How to Choose the Best Bathing Equipment for Your Needs
There are several disabled bath solutions that are available for use in handicapped bathrooms. But which one is best for you? Follow these basic tips to make the best choice for bathing needs.

The disabled bath area of an accessible bathroom is of major concern for many people who are handicapped or who have mobility issues. Whether a person is 
elderly or is a younger, physically challenged person, taking a 
bath can be difficult because of the safety and independence 
issues associated with this common, everyday activity. 

That's why manufacturers have developed several different 
handicap solutions for bathing from which to choose, that can 
be applied to the bath area of any residential bathroom.

However, there are several issues that must be considered when 
choosing the best disabled bath equipment for your home. 
Whether you are simply retrofitting an existing bathroom or 
building an a brand new restroom, the considerations are the 

Before you decide what type of disabled bath fixture or equipment you need, be sure to consider these important issues.

Individual level of mobility and dexterity

Obviously, it's necessary to assess the current mobility and dexterity of the person for whom you are providing the disabled bath equipment. If he or she is reasonably mobile, they may not require as many features or require a more expensive solution for a functional a handicap bath fixture.
Estimated future levels of personal mobility and dexterity

It's always a good idea to look to the future when planning the bathing area of your bathroom. If a disabled user is expected to endure deterioration of their current level of mobility and dexterity as time progresses, it's best to install everything that will be necessary at the beginning, rather than try to adjust later on. 

Proper planning can save money, time and even more personal difficulty associated with the loss of mobility at a later date. If the disabled user has a progressive disease, now is the best time to plan for future issues.

Size and shape of bathroom

Be sure to measure and take into consideration the square footage as well as the shape of your bathroom, when choosing the best disabled bathroom solution for bathing. Some fixtures such as walkin tubs or handicap shower stalls can take up a lot of space and require certain room shapes for best installation. 


There is a huge variation on price when considering the best solution for your bathing area. Some portable equipment such as bathtub lifts are not as expensive as a walk in bathtub, for example. Your budget as well as personal needs will help determine what solution you choose.


If you can choose better quality, it's usually best, since handicapped bathroom accessories and products endure a lot of use. Installing lower quality fixtures and equipment can often result in having to replace them earlier rather than later. If you make a good decision about quality handicapped equipment, you won't be sorry.

Required features

Be sure to consult not only the disabled user, but also a doctor and physical therapist to help determine which features are important for your physically challenged family member. Each person is different, so one size doesn't fit all when it comes to disability equipment.

Types of disabled bath fixtures

There are many types of disabled bath fixtures such as portable bathtub lifts, walk in tubs, handicap shower stalls, and fixtures for wet rooms for the disabled available today. Each fixture has a variety of selections within each category of handicapped products, so be sure to do your homework about which solution is best for accessible bathroom.

Installation requirements

Some fixtures only require a simple installation that can be done by just about anyone. Other types of handicapped equipment for a disabled bathroom requires the help of a professional contractor or installer. Some companies provide free installation of their disability products, while on the other hand, you may need to secure the services from your own builder.

Be sure to carefully weigh the facts before selecting the best handicap fixtures for accessible bathrooms. Also, compare products, services, installation requirements, all warranties and repair stipulations before purchasing any disabled bath solution for your home. 

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