Emergency Call Button for Disabled Bathroom: Do I Need One at Home?
Use this basic guide to help you select some of the most important safety handicap bathroom accessories for your disabled bathroom at home. 

Since falls are the leading cause of injuries in the bathroom area of the home, an emergency call button for disabled bathrooms can be an indispensable element 
of safety and security for anyone who is physically challenged. It 
is also a leading safety solution for those who plan on aging in

Even with the proper safety handicap bathroom accessories and
nonslip disabled bathroom flooring installed, slips and falls can 
still occur. You don't want to allow the possibility of a loved one 
to lay on the floor for hours because he or she is unable to call 
for help. 

An emergency call button ensures that if someone falls or needs 
assistance, help can be reached immediately. Whether there are 
family members or a paid professional care-giver in a private 
residence, the emergency call button can be a lifesaver for 
someone disabled. 

Facts about Emergency Call Buttons and Emergency Pull 

Emergency call buttons and emergency pull cords are commonly
placed in bathrooms for the disabled or for temporarily infirmed 
patients. The button is usually a large, easy to push button. 

The pull cord emergency call system is a cord that hangs within 
easy reach. In addition to the emergency call button, there is 
also a base and sometimes a light for night use. The base can 
be placed in any room of the house, as can the light. 

When the emergency call button is pushed or the emergency cord is pulled, the light begins to shine and a sound is emitted through the base. 

Both the button and the pull cord are waterproof, meaning they can be used in a handicap shower stall, as well as alongside a handicap toilet

The system runs on a wireless radio frequency, which means there is no installation or wiring required. The alarm portion of the system can either:

  • run on batteries, which are usually not included

  • run through an AC adapter

  • although not necessary, the system can be hardwired into an electrical panel. 

Benefits and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage to the emergency call button is that it is easy to install. No prior knowledge of electricity or even computers is required. It is relatively inexpensive at a base price of around $300 for an entire system, which includes:

  • emergency call button or pull cord

  • reset button for the emergency call button or pull cord

  • alarm and light

In addition to bathrooms, the emergency call button or pull cord can also be used in the bedrooms of adults and children who are just returning from the hospital to recover from a health issue. 

The disadvantage to using the system is that someone must be home in order to render aid, when activated by the user. This is not the type of system that sends an emergency signal to a call-taker or to 911. 

In addition, the emergency call button and reset button come equipped with batteries which last for an advertised five years. The batteries can't be changed, so every five years, new buttons must be purchased, which can become pricey. 

Pricing and Purchasing Information

Prices range from almost $300 to over $1,000. Some companies require that each piece be purchased separately and some companies include all pieces. It is wise to compare warranties and pricing before selecting the right model for your home. In some cases, only the equipment is under warranty, while in other cases, the included batteries are under warranty as well. 

Another consideration is whether the person with the disability is more comfortable pushing a button or pulling a cord. Depending on their mobility and dexterity, be sure to choose the system that is best suited for their disability needs. 

Emergency call buttons can be purchased online or in some local medical equipment and supply stores. Here are some of the best online companies that offer these home safety systems:

Families can insure that their loved ones will never be without help nearby, in case of a personal emergency. With an emergency call button system installed in an accessible bathroom, everyone can have peace of mind.

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