Folding Shower Seats for the Disabled: Choose the Right One
Check out the various types of folding shower seats available for the disabled and choose the best one for your particular needs.

Folding shower seats for the disabled offer safety and convenience to many who are physically challenged, but who are able to manuever somewhat independently enough to take a shower alone. Since there are many types of handicap shower chairs, it is relatively easy to find one that suits your particular needs. 

Some are made to be ADA compliant and can be used by those in wheelchairs as well. Others are designed for the more mobile who can sit down and stand up on their own. There is a wide variety of folding shower seats, and it can become complicated when searching for the right one for your particular handicap bathroom design

Here are some of the most commonly used handicap shower seats and some tips for choosing the right one.

Wall mount shower seats

A very versatile and useful seat for a handicap shower stall is a wall 
mounted shower seat. These are permanently mounted on the shower wall 
and usually require the help of a professional builder, unless you are handy 
with tools yourself. You can find a variety of wall mounted folding shower 
seats that are made from various materials, but the best are generally heavy 
duty plastic or wood and steel construction for safety and durability. 

You can also find many that meet ADA bathroom requirements. Some include a locking mechanism so that when raised, it will not collapse and injure the user. Be sure to choose a wall mount shower seat that will support up to 300 pounds, for safest use. These seats are generally designed with corrosion-proof materials and can be folded up against the wall when in not use.  

ADA compliant wall shower seats must be mounted 17" to 19" from the floor, to meet safety requirements. Also, many are L-shaped, to provide more more flexibility. You can also find compact wall seats to fit smaller shower areas.

Portable shower seats

There are several types of portable shower seats such as shower seats with 
backs, shower bench seats and armless shower seats. A shower seat with 
a back is often a portable shower chair that is used to place inside the 
shower area for easy access by the disabled. These are often made from 
PVC or synthetic, water-proof material, as well as sturdy metal. Portable 
shower seats can easily be removed from the shower area and folded when 
not in use. They can also be taken along on trips. Portable handicap shower seats are especially useful in an accessible bathroom because of their versatility.

Adjustable Tub and Shower Seat

This particular type of shower seat is very practical since it is designed to be 
used in both a shower area and tub. They have adjustable legs and a wide 
seat. They are constructed with waterproof materials, such as PVC and 
aluminum. The seats are non-slip, and the legs generally adjust 
approximately 14" to 21" to accommodate almost anyone.

They are made with heavy duty legs and can typically hold up to 250 lbs. An 
adjustable tub and shower seat is extremely practical, safe, and versatile. They also are portable products that can be taken with you on a trip.

Teak shower seats

Various types of shower seats are made from teak wood, including wall 
mounted shower seats, shower benches, shower stools, shower/tub seats, 
and folding shower seats. These seats are made from teak wood that is a 
hardwood grown in the tropics and is naturally highly resistent to termites or 
common water damage. This wood is often used in boat decks because of it 
hardiness when exposed to the elements. 

Many people prefer teak shower seats because of the smooth, comfortable, warm feel to the wood while showering. Quality teak seats for a handicap shower is ideal for safety, durability and practicality. You can find teak seats that are portable as well as for permanent wall mounting.

There are many different types of folding shower seats that are specifically designed for the handicap person in mind. Before selecting the one that is appropriate for your situation, be sure to consider the size of your shower area, specific disability needs and whether you want a portable or permanent installation.

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