Safety Handicap Bathroom Accessories: Which Are the Most Important?
Safety Handicap Bathroom Accessories: Which Are the Most Important?
Use this basic guide to help you select some of the most important safety handicap bathroom accessories for your disabled bathroom at home. 

Over 200,000 bathroom accidents occur each year. Over 70 percent of these happen to the disabled and elderly. That is why safety 
handicap bathroom accessories are so 
important for accessible bathrooms.

Types of safety handicap accessories for 
disabled bathrooms include:

  • grab bars
  • emergency pull cords and emergency 
          call buttons
  • toilet safety rails and raised toilet seats
  • bath mats and other anti-slip products
  • bath transfer benches

Grab Bars

Handicap grab bars can be placed anywhere there is a danger of slipping and falling. You can choose permanent safety railing or portable grab bars. Grab bars range in price from $10 to over $100, depending on what types you choose. They can be purchased in big box stores, shower and bath stores, as well as through online stores that specialize in handicap bathroom accessories. 

They can be placed inside bathtubs and handicap shower stalls, next to sinks and beside handicap toilets. Grab bars can be placed vertically, horizontally or at an angle. Permanent grab bars often require professional installation, unless you are an expert DYI'er. On the other hand, you can easily attach portable safety railings and remove them anytime you need them. These are also great for travel use as well. 

Permanent grab bars are generally available in three different lengths:

  • 12 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 18 inches

Larger grab bars such as 36" and 48" can be special ordered. You can also find portable telescoping grab bars that adjust to various lengths whenever you want.

A small bar in a vertical position is often placed at the entrance of a shower or tub. While this facilitates entry, it also aids with the exit. Over 80% of shower and tub accidents occur on exit. 

Emergency Pull Cords and Emergency Call Buttons

Often, when needing help getting up, sitting down, after a slip or a fall or on entrance or exit into a disabled bath, an elderly or disabled person is either incapable of calling for help or can't be heard. An emergency call button and emergency pull cord ensures that the person needing help is able to summon aid immediately. These bathroom safety equipment are especially useful when dealing with elderly bathroom safety issues.

Home emergency pull cords and emergency call buttons require no wiring. They operate on a wireless frequency and can be mounted anywhere. The receiver or base is portable and can be moved from one room to another. Emergency call buttons and pull cords generally cost around $300.

Toilet Safety Rails and Raised Toilet Seats

raised toilet seat can be the difference between using the toilet unassisted and using it with help. Inexpensive and easy to install, a raised toilet seat fits on the existing toilet seat. It snaps easily into place and allows the person using the toilet to sit without having to bend or excessively lower the knees. 

Raised toilet seats usually cost around $20 and can be purchased from big box retailers, on the Internet or in medical supply stores. Even a toilet bidet combo can be a good choice, especially for those who have less dexterity. This toilet system can often make it possible for someone physically challeneged, to be able to use the bathroom unassisted.

Toilet safety rails fit around the toilet area. They are attached to the wall or toilet. They enable the person using the toilet to balance as they raise up on and down off the toilet. Toilet safety rails generally run between $30-$70. 

Bath Transfer Benches

Bathtub transfer benches are seats that swivel and then lower, enabling a person to be lowered, unassisted, into the water. Bathtub lifts and transfer benches can be height-adjusted and lock firmly into place, so there is no danger of falling. 

Bath transfer benches are an inexpensive alternative to walk-in bathtubs. The cost for bath transfer benches ranges from $34 to over $100. They are easily installed and do not require the assistance of a plumber. A bathtub lift or bench can be found at big box retailers, online and in medical equipment supply stores, as well as bath and shower shops. 

Bath Mats and Other Anti-Slip Products

Bath mats for tubs and anti-slip products for disabled bathroom flooring are the most inexpensive items to help prevent bathroom falls. Look for bath mats with a non-skid backing. Non-slip decals are a cute, decorative way to prevent slips in the bathtub. Other types of anti-slip products include:

  • epoxy coatings for floors and tubs
  • non-slip shower treads
  • clear non-skid mats which can be placed in the tub or shower

Take into consideration the age or disability of the person requiring various safety handicap bathroom accessories before deciding which bathroom safety products are right for your situation. 

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