Handicap Bathroom Design: Tips for Customizing Your Handicap Bathroom
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Handicap Bathroom Design: Tips for Customizing Your Bathroom 
There are many ways to develop a handicap bathroom design for the home, but most people generally customize their design to suit their own particular disability.    

If you simply want to build or renovate a restroom that complies with the ADA bathroom requirement, it can be a standardized design suited to meet most disabilities, just like a public facility. However, residential disabled bathrooms can either be built or renovated to suit the individual or for general home use. 

More and more new homes are now being built with at least one handicap friendly bath because the resale value of a home is simply higher. Still, most people renovate existing bathrooms for the disabled or convert a room in the house to a handicap washroom because of necessity. Those who are disabled, as well as their families, realize how important it is to create a handicap bathroom design that is customized to suit their own disability requirements for safety and accessibility. 

Some people only need a few features, such as a handicap shower chair, a bathtub insert or a walk in bathtub, that make a bathroom accessible because they may have a disability that requires them to move about on crutches or walkers. Other types of disabilities require a complete overhaul of a bathroom into a barrier free disabled shower that allows complete movement in a wheelchair. The most comfortable and safe design is a barrier free washroom. 

Check out the video below to see how a real person dealt with his bathroom needs by creating a wet room for the disabled. Also, discuss with a reputable, experienced contractor about how to develop a handicap bathroom design that is right for your home.

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