Handicap Shower Accessories: Top Accessories for Disability Showers
Handicap Shower Accessories: Top Accessories for Disability Showers 
A wide variety of handicap shower accessories have been produced for use in different types of bathrooms for the disabled. Here are some of the most important, smaller accessories.

Handicap shower accessories are designed specifically for use in shower stalls for use by those with disabilities. There are various types of accessories for disabled showers that can make taking a shower not only safer, but also provide more independence and practical use. 

A wide variety of shower accessories for the handicapped have been produced for use in different types of bathrooms for the disabled.  However, not all accessories are useful in every type of bathing area since there are so many different types of handicap shower designs. There are wet roomswheelchair showersbarrier free showers, low level showers, and portable handicap showers, just to name a few. 

And of course, there are the more traditional shower stalls that are only slightly modified for those who are somewhat mobile, but need some practical assistance in showering. There is a great diversity of available shower kits and handicap shower accessories for the disabled. 

Standard accessories that are commonly found in handicap bathing areas include shower seatsgrab bars, and slide bar shower heads. Other larger accessories can include body dryers and shower wheelchairs

However, there are many other types of smaller accessories that are important in creating a safe, useful shower environment for the disabled. The particular item or disability product used will also depend on the mobility, flexibility and the extent of a person's disability, as to how many additional accessories are needed to make the shower area most effective. 

Here are some of the most helpful smaller, but highly important handicap shower accessories:

ADA shower system

There are many types of shower systems that often include ADA compliant shower head, slide-bar/grab bar, arm mount bracket plus all necessary plumbing adaptations for an install. You can find these systems in a variety of finishes, but polished chrome or nickel are two of the most popular finishes. Each ADA shower system is slightly different, so be sure to check out all the specs before making a selection for your needs.

ADA shower mixing valve

A mixing valve is important in ADA compliant showers as well as at home where it's not absolutely required. However, installing ADA compliant accessories can such as mixing valve can protect from scalding and it a great addition to a handicap shower stall. 

Each type of mixing valve generally has an adjustable hot limit safety stop with a typical maximum hot water temperature of near 112 degrees. The water is constantly regulated to maintain the set
temperature for a comfortable, safe shower at all times.

Brass drain 

A 2" caukless, brass drain generally fits shower models that are ADA compliant. They allow for quick water drainage and are made to install flush to the floor for avoidance while using the shower. They pop in and out whenever needed, since they are caukless.

Stainless steel shower curtain rod

This type of shower rod is great for handicap shower use, since stainless steel is anti-corrosive and also strong. There are various types of curtain rods that are useful in enclosed showers. Some are straight bars, while others can be swung in and out on a hinge for easy placement.

Weighted shower curtain

Particular in wet rooms for the disabled, a weight shower curtain is useful since it can be easily pulled across an area for additional privacy, but can also be easily moved aside. This particular type of shower curtain is generally made of commercial grade vinyl, weighted at the bottom, and is exceptionally strong, resistant to tears and stains. Weighted handicap shower curtains meet requirements for mold resistance, staph resistance and flame retardant.  

Threshold adaptor

This is another great handicap shower accessory that is particular useful for wet rooms or barrier free showers, when you may need to adapt the shower to provide a shower door. They provide a traditional threshold and makes it possible to add a shower door.

Wheelchair ramps

There are a variety of portable, small threshold shower ramps that can be used for a variety of areas that may need easier accessibility. Most are made from polypropylene and are easily snapped together and placed wherever you need a small ramp system in your shower or bathroom area.

Some shower areas require threshold ramps in order to make the area more wheelchair accessible. You can find many types of threshold ramps. Some are foldable and can be placed where the user needs to roll into in order to get a shower. Others are simple, easy ramps that can be placed over a low threshold for easier access. Before choosing one, be sure to assess your needs, measure the area and check the specs on  the particular one you may prefer before purchase.

Soap dish

Soap dishes are also an important part of creating an accessible shower area. There are several types of soap dishes and dispensers from which to choose. Some are recessed while others are installed on the wall area. There are also soap dispensers that can be attached to the shower wall for ease of use. 

One of the most useful types of soap dishes are those that are made from stainless steel, recessed into the shower wall and that also provide an additional bar
above the dish for safety purpose. Others are made from fiberglass for a less hard surface.

There are some of the most typical, smaller accessories that are often used in 
disabled bathrooms. When you're remodeling or building a brand new accessible bathroom, be sure to consider what types of handicap shower accessories are best for your particular disability needs, as well as what will work with your handicap bathroom design.

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