Handicap Shower Chairs: Best Types for Home Use
Handicap Shower Chairs: Best Types for Home Use
There are several types of handicap shower chairs that are designed specifically for home use in a residential disabled bathroom. Here are several of the best choices.

Taking a shower for a disabled person can be one of the most important, yet frustrating parts of the day, since getting in and out of a shower stall can be physically challenging for both the handicapped person and the caregiver. When considering how best to renovate, remodel or design a residential handicapped bathroom, one of the easiest ways to make an existing or newly remodeled bathroom more accessible, is to purchase one of the many shower chairs available for home use. Just as there are many different types of disabilities, there are also many types of handicapped chairs or benches for showers that may prove helpful for specific disability issues.

Here are some of the best residential handicap shower chairs available today, that can really make a difference in the mobility and enjoyment of anyone who is dealing with a disability.

Adjustable Shower Chair 

This is one of the most popular because of its ease of use, low price and durability. It can also serve as a pack-and-go disability product, because these shower chairs have adjustable legs as well as other adjustable components that allows them to be easily packed. You can carry an adjustable tub or shower chair with you on vacation, business trip or to a friend's home. 

There is nothing to do except adjust all the components to the required dimensions and you're ready for a shower. The base of the legs have rubber tips that grip any shower floor, making them safe and comfortable. These are especially suited for those who have some mobility and can move about, even if on crutches. 

Handicap Shower Seat

Perhaps the simplest shower seat for anyone disabled, is the backless, armless shower seat. These are made to be easily moved about and are very light weight. They are generally made from PVC or plastic and resist water damage. Someone who is elderly or who has somewhat better mobility may enjoy these simple shower seats that provide a place to sit while taking a shower.

Wheeled Shower Chairs

For those who may not be mobile enough to use stationary, adjustable chairs, shower wheelchairs or other types of rolling chairs are great additions to residential disabled bathrooms. They are built with rolling wheels on the base of the legs and allow the occupant to move about freely inside the bathroom without the assistance of a caregiver. They are especially helpful in roll in shower stalls and in wet rooms where there are no curbs, uneven floors or other restrictive areas. 

A person may move about freely to enjoy a warm shower without the help of anyone. Many of the rolling shower chairs are also made to be wheeled over the top of a toilet so that complete privacy is possible for a disabled occupant. 

Shower Transport Chairs

A transport shower chair is very helpful because it makes it possible for someone who is seriously handicapped to be transported safely and comfortably from the stall area to the commode, without having to be lifted or moved. After the initial transfer of a patient from wheelchair or scooter to a shower transport chair, there is no more heavy lifting or dangerous transfers required. 

Many are made with a track system that helps to position the chair in the shower as well as over the commode for a good fit. Some come with a docking station so that it's very easy to roll the chair into place over the commode top without any hassle.

This type of seating is often ergonomically designed so that the back, arms and seat of the chair provides proper body support to the disabled occupant. It is also constructed to be non-slip on all floors. Some have dual lock casters, adjustable or removable footrests, headrests, back support to prevent slippage from side to side, rotating seats for easy swiveling, and folding arms. This equipment is also generally easy to fold and pack for traveling. 

These are several of the most popular handicap chairs for showers, but there are many variations of each type such as folding shower seats, teak shower benches or a variety of other bath transfer benches. Some are made for smaller residential bathrooms with low thresholds. Others are made to easily move about in a large, barrier free bathroom. 

There are many sizes, styles, design features and prices offered by many manufacturers who specialize in disability equipment for the home. Be sure to consider the particular disability that you wish to accommodate in your residential bathroom, so that you match it best with one of the many handicap shower chairs available today.

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