Handicap Shower Stalls: Know Your Options
Handicap Shower Stalls: Know Your Options
One of the main issues when installing handicap shower stalls is whether a custom shower built from scratch, or a pre-made handicap shower kit is more practical, affordable and comfortable.

Handicap shower stalls are very important features in residential disabled bathrooms for those who are physically challenged, but want to maintain as much safety, privacy and comfort as possible. There are many different handicap bathroom designs for handicap shower stalls that offer either a wheelchair accessible shower or a walk in disabled shower. 

However, one of the main concerns for those who wish to install a handicap shower stall is the question of whether you will have a custom shower built from scratch or choose a pre-made handicap shower kit that can easily be installed by any building or bathroom remodeling 
contractor. In fact, if you have some construction know-how, you may be able to install one yourself. 

Custom Built Handicap Shower Stalls

If you plan on having a disabled shower built to custom specs, it is wise for you to consult a contractor that already has experience in designing and building residential handicapped bathrooms that can accommodate a wide variety of physical challenges. 

Many contractors are familiar with ADA bathroom requirements and can build a very good custom bath for anyone in your home that needs a special disabled bathroom. While you don't have to comply with ADA requirements for private homes, designing a safe, handicap bathroom insures that anyone physically challenged will be accommodated properly. 

One of the important features in a disabled bathroom is the shower stall that must be designed to suit the user. Very often, the ability to use a shower wheelchair or a bath transfer bench must be taken into consideration when designing the shower area. Again, a custom builder can construct the shower area and create a totally customized area. This will entail issues such as the placement of tile, grout, installing a shower pan, placing safety features such as an emergency call button within the shower area and more.

Handicap Shower Kits

A handicap shower kit is an easy way to install a pre-made shower solution for an accessible bathroom area without having to resort to a total customized area that is built from scratch. These kits can be found in various sizes and offer a variety of features. Here are some of the great features that are pre-built into these kits.

  • Made from pre-formed wall panels
  • Easily installed
  • Easy to clean by users (no grout or tile that can promote mold and mildew growth)
  • Leak proof seams in the corners that generally interlock
  • Includes important accessories such as grab bars, padded shower seat
  • Adjustable shower head that can also be handheld
  • Scald guard on water handle for shower
  • Both non-wheelchair accessible or wheelchair accessible kits are available 

There are several reputable companies that offer quality shower kits that make it easy to DYI or hire a professional to quickly and easily install a unit. Many homeowners have found that choosing shower kits for their handicap shower stalls makes designing a bathroom for the disabled much quicker, easier, safer and practical.

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