Handicapped Bathroom Accessories Guide: Find Best Deals and Best Quality
Handicapped Bathroom Accessories Guide
Here are some of the top disability accessories that are most often installed in residential bathrooms for the disabled. 

The addition of handicapped bathroom accessories may be all that you need to turn your existing residential washroom into a functional bathroom for an elderly person or someone living in your home who is disabled. Depending on the extent of the disability that you are accommodating, it is often the case that there is no need to completely renovate the home bathroom into a completely outfitted disabled bathroom that meets ADA bathroom requirements. Sometimes, the simple addition of the appropriate handicapped bathroom accessories is all it takes to make the bathroom a practical place where a disabled person can still function independently, yet safely. 

Here are some of the top disability accessories that are most often installed in home bathrooms for the disabled. 

Handicapped Toilet Seat

A toilet seat that is designed to accommodate a disabled person are built 
with support bars to provide additional stability to a disabled person. Also, 
handicap toilet seats fit easily over the top of existing toilets. This makes it 
unnecessary to completely replace a conventional toilet. You can find all 
sorts of accessible toilet seats, including bidet toilet seats. If this isn't 
convenient, of course, you may need to considering installing one of the 
ADA compilant handicap toilets for home use.

Bathtub Lift

One of the most difficult things that a disabled person deals with on a day to day basis is the complication of getting in and out of a tub. A bathtub lift is is the perfect addition to a conventional bathroom, but provides the handicapped person with the ability to turn the typical tub into a disabled bath area. 

home mobility aid like a portable lift for the bathtub simply fits to the sides of the tub, much like a seat, and is operated with by electrical controls that the person using the lift can operate while seated. It lowers a person into the tub and then lifts them out when they are through bathing. 

Some bathtub lifts offer a reclining feature that allows the occupant to lean back in the water to enjoy a relaxing soak anytime they wish. Again, this particular accessory is rather portable and only needs to be placed on top of the existing tub. This is a much cheaper alternative to the installing a complete handicap bathroom, which can be very expensive and require 
extensive renovation.

Safety Grab Bars for the Disabled

One of the most important bathroom safety accessories that is necessary in every handicap bathroom, is the right safety grab bars that make it easy for a person to maneuver safely around the bathroom. Grab bars are also the most inexpensive accessory that you can add to your bathroom, but may also help to avoid serious accidents more than any other design element. 

Quality safety bars are made from metal that is durable and each type bar is 
structured to fit particular areas of the bathroom like the toilet, sink or vanity, and 
tub or shower area. A disabled person can move about with much better ease 
while gaining support from safety grab bars that are aligned at the right 
height and areas in handicap bathrooms.

Shower Accessories

Shower accessories such as a handicap shower chair, an adjustable shower seat, wheelchair commode, folding shower seat, hand-held shower head, heavy duty shower curtain and non-slip gripper shower floor are among the most important products to consider adding to the shower area. These provide not only additional safety features, but also add excellent practicality to a disabled person who wants to shower as easily as possible.

There are, of course, other important safety accessories such as an emergency call button, pull cords, additional safety railing and more, and touchless faucets that can be added to further ensure a safe bathroom.

Keep in mind that it's not always necessary to completely renovate your home bathroom with a total handicap bathroom design to make it disability friendly. You can often just add the important handicapped bathroom accessories or home mobility aids such as a transport wheelchair that suits your particular needs without having to resort to a complete redo of your existing washroom.

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