Hydrotherapy Tub: Ideal for New or Renovated Disabled Bathroom
Hydrotherapy Tub: Ideal for New or Renovated Disabled Bathroom
A home hydrotherapy tub can be a useful healing and comforting bathroom aid for those who deal with a variety of disability or health issues. 

Hydrotherapy is a healing treatment that uses water to soothe aches and pains, and to treat 
various disabilities and diseases. Hydrotherapy 
treatments are effective for those who: 

  • have an active lifestyle and need aches 
          and pains soothed away

  • suffer from chronic joint inflammation, 
          such as arthritis

  • need to have injured tissue healed, such 
          as muscle sprains and strains

  • want to increase their energy levels and 
          promote their well-being

Benefits of Hydrotherapy Treatments for 
Those Who Suffer from Disabilities

Hydrotherapy is often used to treat various illnesses and diseases such as arthritis, headaches, including migraines, joint and muscle problems, stress and sleep disorders, colds and other viruses and stomach issues. It is an excellent, natural treatment method that can easily be available in home disabled bathrooms

The treatment provides benefits such as: 

  • Raises the body temperature and dilating the blood vessels - This results in increased circulation, as well as aiding the body in the detoxification process.

  • Relaxes tight and tense muscles, aids in relieving the pain of sprains and strains, as well as relieves headaches and some stomach upsets

  • Relieves the pressure on joints which results in pain relief in arthritic joints, as well as the aches and pains from colds and other viruses

Safety Considerations for Home Use

People suffering from numbness of the skin or joints, as well as those with heart problems and high blood pressure should not spend large amounts of time in tubs above 104 degrees. Those who have diabetes or those who are pregnant should also consult a doctor before beginning a course of treatment. 

All hydrotherapy tubs should be cleaned on a consistent basis as they have been shown to be breeding grounds for various types of bacteria. Regular and proper cleansing of bathtubs can prevent bacteria from forming.

Also, check to see if a home system is 
designed with an ADA bathroom compliant seat 
and other handicapped friendly features. This 
will ensure safer, more comfortable useage of 
the spa.

Types of Hydrotherapy Spas

There are four main types of hydrotherapy spas 
and tubs.

1. Walk-In Spas and Tubs

Walk in bathtubs allow the user to open a door 
and walk in the tub or spa instead of having to 
step over a lip or side. 

2. Right-Handed Tubs and Spas

The drain is on the right-hand side of the tub. 
Entrance into the tub is also on the right-hand side and additional room is provided on the 
right-hand side. 

3. Left-Handed Spas and Tubs

The drain is on the left-hand side of the tub. 
Entrance into the tub is also on the left-hand side and additional room is provided on the left-hand side. 

4. Drop-In Baths

Drop-in baths are placed in the floor of the bathroom or spa area between walls or in a platform. 

Pipeless vs. Traditional Home Spa Systems

While more expensive, pipeless spa systems are becoming more popular than traditional systems. They are easier to install, require little maintenance and cut down on the formation of bacteria. They are also quieter than traditional home spa systems and use less energy. Pipeless spas are perfect as the handicap bathtub of choice for anyone who wants to add hydrotherapy treatments as a way of life.

Installation Requirements

There are several different items to consider before installation. 

Is the hydrotherapy tub going to be installed indoors or outdoors? 

Space is a prerequisite. Outdoor installations are easier because there are no space constraints and no need to re-do wiring and plumbing within the house. 

Are you able to hire a registered electrician to install your hydrotherapy spa? 

You must have a professional install the power supply. 

Do you have the proper building permits? 

It is best to have a professional install your hydrotherapy tub. 

Price Ranges and Buying Tips

Hydrotherapy bathtubs, whirlpool bathtubs and other home spas can range in price from just under $2000 to well over $10,000 depending on style and size. Here are some basic shopping tips: 

  • When buying a home spa system, factor in the size of the spa as well as the performance. Ask about the jet placement. The amount of jets a hydrotherapy tub or spa has, is not as important as their placement. 

  • Look for products from a reputable manufacturer. Top-rated manufacturers include Caledra and Jacuzzi. A reputable manufacturer will not engage in high-pressure sales tactics. Look for models that come with warranties over all parts, including electrical components. 

  • You will also want to consider how easy this handicap bathroom accessory is to maintain and the energy efficiency of the tub or spa. 

Conduct careful research, and soon you can relax and soak your troubles, illnesses and stress away in your own hydrotherapy tub. 

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Hydrotherapy Tub
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