Portable Bidet for Handicap Use When Traveling
A portable bidet for those who are handicapped is a wonderful convenience to pack when you must travel.

As always, the usefulness of any handicapped bathroom accessory is dependent upon the degree and type of a person's disability. For those who are less mobile 
or who have little dexterity, a hand held bidet may not as useful. 

However, for those who enjoy some mobility and dexterity, using 
a portable bidet system offers a way to stay clean and fresh on 
business trips, visiting in family or friend's homes or while on 
vacation. Especially when you do not have the use of a 
disabled bathroom and are used to a toilet bidet at home, 
a travel bidet can come in handy.  

Types of Portable Bidets

You can find a variety of portable bidets that are designed slightly different. Some are hand held systems that operate with batteries and are made to be filled with tap water from a bathroom before use. Other portable travel washlets are made to be filled with water and manually sprayed after bathroom use. 

Some extend for use, and then collapse after use for easy carrying, while others are more primitive and are basically a small bottle with a nozzle. For serious handicap toilet bidet users, there are highly functional, quality, travel portable bidets that are electric powered and easily portable.


Here are some of the best features of a quality portable bidet that will make it worth your while to always take one with you wherever you travel.

  • electric, push button control (battery powered)
  • compact
  • detachable nozzles for appropriate washing needs
  • easy operation
  • uses tap water (can fill with warm temperature water from tap)
  • small, convenient size for travel bags, purses, backpacks or other travel luggage
  • convenient use in public restrooms or any other facility
  • generally operated by 2 AA batteries
  • collapsible for easy storage
  • most come with a carrying pouch
  • great gift idea


The features and quality will determine the price of a portable bidet. If you want a travel bidet with all the best features, you can find a quality one in the price range of approximately $50.00 to $90.00. However, if you want a very simple, non-electric product, you can easily find one for as low as $15.00. 

More Travel Bidet Suggestions

Also, don't forget, that if you are traveling to a location and staying for awhile, you can also carry along a hand held bidet that can easily be attached to any toilet, then removed when you leave. This can help you enjoy even more of the benefits of a home bidet toilet seat.

But when you're on the road, or moving from location to location, a quality travel bidet may be just what you need to remain fresh and clean. Be sure to compare several portable bidet systems to find the one that best suits your needs.

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