Best Portable Grab Bars: Great for Traveling or Portable Home Use
Portable grab bars can be installed easily and quickly in any bathroom while traveling or at home, without the use of tools while still providing superior safety and functionality. 

Portable grab bars are terrific handicapped bathroom accessories to take with you while vacationing or on a business trip. They are also great for home use in a disabled bathroom when you need a little extra support for bathing or showering.

Grab bars that are portable do no require tools to attach, yet are designed to provide a rigid, strong handicap safety rail wherever you need it. All types are easy to install with either suction cup grips or simple locking mechanisms, and they are just as easy to remove when no longer needed. 

Portable handicap grab bars are exceptionally practical and effective for those with disabilities,
as well as for seniors who simply need a bit of stability in an accessible bathroom.

There are several types of portable grab bars that can be easily and quickly installed in the shower, tub or wall area of a bathroom. Here are some of the best types of portable safety handrails that are available for a wide variety of purposes:

Single grip portable grab bar

This type of safety bar is small and lightweight. It is exceptionally good for a pack and go
portable safety bar. These are made with large suction cups on each end that are designed to snap into place with a lever on each side.

A quality grab bar can except the pull force of over 300 lbs., yet weighs around 3 lbs. and are approximately 13" long. Use it on surfaces that are non-porous in your tub, shower or other smooth wall or fixture surface area. No tools are needed for installation and this type of grab bar causes no damage to any surface on which it is applied.


  • single grip
  • suction cup installation (no tools needed)
  • pull force over 300 lbs.
  • lightweight
  • can be installed on any smooth surface
  • packable in a suitcase

Telescoping grip portable grab bars

These safety bars for the disabled are exceptionally versatile because they offer a telescopic bar that can be adjusted to the appropriate length to fit any requirements. You can find telescoping grab bars in various sizes, lengths and suction cup applications.

While suction grab bars can be applied to any smooth surface, you should check with the manufacturer's suggestion reqarding what size suction grip fits various ceramic tile sizes for correct grip.


  • double grip
  • suction cup installation
  • pull force of over 350 lbs.
  • lightweight
  • smooth surface installation
  • packable

Telescoping, pivoting portable grab bar

The 'granddaddy' of all the portable grab bars on the market today is a telescoping, pivot grip grab bar. It can do just about anything that you need it to do! It not only extends to various lengths, but it also pivots at an angle to fit across tub corners, shower corners or in any flexible angle in which you need to apply it for additional safety. 

There's rarely any corner or uneven surface that you cannot install this handicap accessory for the bathroom. You can find them in varying sizes, weights, suction cup measurements and price ranges.


  • multiple grip areas
  • flexible applications across corners and uneven surfaces
  • smooth surface installation
  • pull force approximately 350 lbs.
  • carry with you on trips

Portable Bathtub rail

Another type of portable handrail is a bathtub rail which is made with a steel locking system for easy attachment and removal. This type is designed for the tub side, where it is often difficult for a person with mobility issues to climb in and out of a conventional tub. You can find many different designs to fit just about any application you require. There are both fixed height and adjustable height models. 

There are generally two handle areas on bathtub rails for ease of use, no matter what reach angle you need when entering or leaving a tub. Each type of bathtub rail has rubber pads under the locking mechanism that are designed to clamp to the side of a tub without causing damage to
the tub itself. Locking mechanisms are made from anti-corrosive metal and will not deteriorate when exposed to water.

NOTE: Some bathtub rails should not be installed on fiberglass tubs, so be sure to check manufacturer's suggestions.


  • multiple grip areas
  • easy locking mechanism for tub side
  • fixed height or adjustable models
  • anti-corrosion locking mechanism
  • installed without tools
  • portable design for travel

When choosing the appropriate portable safety rail, be sure to consider the versatility and functionality of what you may need when traveling and using different bathroom settings. Taking the right portable grab bars, whether on the road or at home, can make a huge difference in making any bathroom safer and more accessible.

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