Top 5 Raised Toilet Seats: Guide to Best Handicap Toilet Seat Risers
Here are the top 5 raised toilet seats that are very functional, safe and comfortable for many handicapped users.

Raised toilet seats are assistive devices for a handicap toilet that makes it much more accessible for anyone who has a difficult time using a conventional toilet, 
and sometimes who have problems with an ADA commode. 

Even though the ADA bathroom requirements for a toilet is 
always between 17 to 18" high, this may still not be convenient 
for some who must further customize their accessible bathroom
A raised toilet seat provides an even higher seated area, which 
makes it much easier to lower and raise one's self to and from 
the toilet when needed. 

There are a variety of toilet seat risers available today that are 
designed to meet just about any particular need for the 
physically challenged. Just as there are many types of 
disabilities, there are also many raised seat designs for toilets 
that suit a particular handicap need. However, there are several 
that are by far the choice of many people, because they suit a 
broad array of accessibility needs. 

Here are the top 5 raised toilet seats that are very functional, practical and comfortable for many handicapped users.

1) Raised toilet seat

A simple, raised toilet seat is by far the most commonly used handicap toilet seat found in many residential, accessible bathrooms. You can find this style in both clamp-on and free placement versions. Some have different shapes to accommodate either elongated or traditional toilets. Also, some toilet seat risers have a contoured recess in the front for easier hygiene. 


  • fits on conventional toilet rim
  • a comfortable, plastic seat
  • easy to clean, often with antimicrobial protection
  • easy installation and removal (generally no tools needed)
  • raises seat height 5 to 51/2", depending on style
  • supports up to 250 lbs.
  • easy to use
  • reasonably priced
  • accommodates a broad range of disability users

2) Locking raised toilet seat

This particular handicapped bathroom accessory is designed to provide a locking mechanism, so that when installed, it can be clamped around the toilet rim for safe use. There is no concern for slipping and sliding, especially for those who are less mobile, since it is locked down tightly on top of the commode with a heavy duty locking plate and screws. 

Many of these designs are made with removable arms that are padded, for comfortable support. You can either use the arms or remove them until needed.


  • fits on conventional toilet rims, both standard and elongated
  • molded plastic design
  • raises seat height 5"
  • weight limit is generally up to 300 lbs.
  • parts are made of durable metal 
  • easy to install and remove
  • reasonably priced
  • provides extra support and accessibility for those who are less significantly less mobile 

3) Toilet safety frame

Sometimes, it is necessary to add a toilet safety frame to your raised toilet seat for additional strength and support. Even though some elevated toilet seats come with additional arm rests, they may not provide the heavy duty support that a handicapped user may need. 

Adding a an adjustable toilet safety frame to the toilet area may be the perfect addition for easy access. The best quality are made from anodized aluminum and are sturdy, yet lightweight. They can also be used over a variety of raised toilet seats or simply with a standard toilet.


  • built with non-corrosive aluminum
  • sturdy, but lightweight
  • adjustable frame that adjust in both width and leg height
  • installs easily to toilet area with a mounting bracket that is included with purchase
  • removable armrests
  • general weight capacity is approx. 250 lbs.
  • reasonably priced

4) Adjustable raised toilet seat

This type of toilet seat is especially useful to those who have difficulty in sitting or bending. It clamps to the toilet rim and is adjustable in height and angle, which helps to reduce bending. Generally, four brackets come with the product for installation on any traditional toilet.


  • adjustable in height and angle
  • easy installation with no tools required
  • molded seat, made from durable plastic
  • safe guard brackets will not damage toilet finish 
  • fits almost all sizes and style of toilets
  • supports weight limit of up to 300 lbs.
  • seat height can be raised or lowered between 3.75 to 5.75"
  • suits those who have specific bending and seating mobility and dexterity issues
  • moderately priced

5) Hinged raised toilet seat with lid

A favorite type of handicap toilet seat is one that is designed to fit a standard toilet, but that offers a raised seat that easily attaches to the toilet rim. These offer a hinged lid for better aesthetic appeal in a bathroom for the disabled. They are used by a wide variety of handicap users who are able to enjoy the comforts of a traditional toilet.


  • easily fits over standard toilet size
  • offers raised seat and hinged lid cover
  • operates just like a traditional seat
  • easily installed
  • raises toilet seat approximately 4"
  • easily cleaned
  • found in both elongated and standard sizes
  • weight limit is 300 lbs.
  • aesthetically pleasing since it does not change the appearance of the toilet very much
  • best used by those who have some mobility and dexterity issues; great for universal design bathrooms
  • moderately priced

These top 5 toilet seat risers and handicap aids by no means cover the vast amount of products that are designed for toilet use by the handicapped user. However, they are representative of the best features that address the most common handicap issues for many disabled people. 

Remember to compare toilet seat risers and get input from the handicapped user before choosing one for your disabled bathroom.

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