Shower Wheelchair: Types, Features and Buying Tips  
A shower wheelchair allows disabled people to live more independently by providing a safe, effective way to take a shower while still using a home mobility aid.

Many physically disabled individuals have difficulties performing everyday tasks because they are confined to a wheelchair. This often means a person cannot take care 
of himself or herself without help from others. 

Maintaining normal hygiene may be difficult, especially 
when taking a shower. With the advancement of technology, many 
wheelchairs now function as shower chairs. Shower wheelchairs 
allow disabled people to live more independently by providing a
safe, effective way to take a shower while still using a home mobility

What is a Shower Wheelchair?

A manual shower wheelchair is essentially designed like a 
conventional wheelchair, but can easily be rolled in and out of a 
handicap shower stall. It has wheelchair-style wheels that provide a large 
range of motion. 

The structure is designed to withstand the water and steam from a shower, without any deterioration. It also allows a physically disabled person to move in and out of showers in a wheelchair accessible bathroom without any assistance. 

Types and Features

This chair design comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. You can find both adult and pediatric wheelchairs that are made for shower use. Most are made from water-resistant materials and come with non-slip footrests. The wheels may be similar to those on conventional wheelchairs, however, some models feature four small wheels that allow a tight turn radius in bathrooms for the disabled

Many styles are made with seats that have a toilet-style cutout. This allows the user to safely reach all areas of his or her body when washing. A combination wheelchair commode and shower chair is great for shower use as well as for toilet use. Foldable and portable models are available for those who travel a lot, have smaller accessible bathrooms, or only use the chairs infrequently. 


There are many advantages to using this mobility aid. A disabled person can take care of his or her personal needs without suffering any embarrassment. This can raise a person’s confidence which may encourage more independent behavior. Shower wheelchairs also reduce the risk of slipping on the wet bathroom flooring. Injuries are less likely with the use of a stable, adjustable chair.

Disadvantages or Problems

One of the main downsides to owning this type of handicapped bathroom accessory is cost. Some advanced models can be expensive. Another disadvantage is that many styles have curved seats similar to a commode seat. A flat seat may work better if the chair is to be used strictly in the shower. Additionally, these wheelchairs may not work well in every shower. An individual may not be able to reach a handheld shower head, especially with models that do not adjust to standing position.

Buying Tips

When searching for a quality shower chair, it is best to choose one that has an adjustable height feature. This allows the user to reach the shower knobs without stretching. Another must-have is a modifiable back rest that provides varying degrees of support. An ergonomically-designed leg rest and easy access to all body parts are essential factors as well. A quality seat will also have movable arms for added mobility.

This mobility aid allows a physically disabled person to live a more independent lifestyle. It permits an individual to move naturally and easily in or out of the shower without assistance. It also provides convenience and safety, and prevents the humiliation that many disabled people face when having to rely on a caregiver for personal hygiene. Shower wheelchairs can help give a person his or her confidence and freedom back. 

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