Standing Wheelchair: Guide to Standing Wheelchairs for the Disabled
A standing wheelchair is the perfect mobility aid for those who are severely handicapped or for those who have difficulty standing. Get product tips and watch video to see it in motion.

Most people are familiar with the typical wheelchair – a sitting device that helps one who has difficulties with mobility. Wheelchairs can 
be electric power chairs or manually
operated. Some wheelchairs have both 

The problem with standard wheelchairs
is that they require the user to sit for long 
periods of time. A standing wheelchair 
could be of great benefit to someone with a 
disability that makes it impossible or 
difficult to stand under his or her own power, 
but would like to be upright as much as 

What is a Standing Wheelchair?

This mobility aid is a device for people with 
disabilities who are usually confined to 
wheelchairs for much of their day. It allows 
the user the ability to stand with the same 
support that is received while sitting in a wheelchair. The chair moves them from a sitting to a standing position, then back again. It can be used for mobility throughout a home, at the workplace or for some recreational activities. Even high tech mobility aids such as electric mobility scooters still require users to sit while in use and do not offer the option of standing with assistance.

Types and Features

There are basically three different models:

  • Full power standing wheelchair - Uses power for mobility as well as for lifting. 
  • Half-power standing chair - Uses power for mobility and it is manually lifted into a standing position. 
  • Manual standing chair - Doesn’t require electrical power for mobility or for adjusting to a standing position.


There are many advantages to the severely handicapped or to those who are somewhat disabled, but want more freedom to enjoy a standing position at home, work or recreational activities. 

  • Enables the user to interact with people at eye level
  • Gives the user more independence
  • Enhances the user’s functional ability
  • Allows the user to get upper body exercise
  • Supports better overall health - One of the biggest advantages of the standing wheelchair is that it helps to prevent problems that are caused by too much sitting. Some of these problems can include urinary tract infections, poor circulation and bone demineralization.

Disadvantages or Special Issues

There does not seem to be many disadvantages for standing wheelchairs for those who require their use. However, a few disadvantages include:

  • Price - depending on what model the user buys, it could cost anywhere between $13,000 and $23,000. 
  • Local service - It can be difficult to find someone locally who can fix standing wheelchair in case something goes wrong. You usually have to deal with the manufacturer or dealer.
  • Possibility of long bone fractures - When driving in a standing position for long periods of time, the use of a standing chair can cause fractures, unless due care if taken.

Buying Tips

Before purchasing this type of wheelchair, the user should consult with their physical therapist to ensure which model and what features are best suited for their situation. 

Since standing wheelchairs are expensive, you should also check with your insurance company or Medicare/Medicaid to see if any funding would be provided. There may be assistance provided through local groups and/or disability groups. A patient's case manager may be very helpful in providing direction in getting financial assistance as well. 

This particular mobility aid can be a huge benefit to those with disabilities such as spinal cord injury, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, quadriplegia and many others. 

An active teen who uses a pediatric wheelchair can be a prime candidate for this type chair. There are many benefits to using this specialty chair over a standard wheelchair, and some users even say that their standing wheelchair is fun to have!

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