Toilet Bidet Combo: Best Choice for Disabled Bathrooms
Toilet Bidet Combo: Best Choice for Disabled Bathrooms
The physically challenged can appreciate the benefits of a toilet bidet combo that merges the best of both the traditional commode and French bidet toilet system into one. Here's why.

A bidet toilet combo is rapidly gaining broader popularity in the U.S. as more people are recognizing the benefits of using this particular type of toilet 
system. Issues of advanced hygiene, conservation, and ease of 
use are propelling it into prominence, when it comes to 
retrofitting a bathroom, designing a new one or adding a new 

Especially those who are disabled can appreciate the benefits 
that are provided through a combination toilet bidet that merges 
the best of both the traditional commode and French bidet toilet 
system into one. 

Combination Toilet Bidets Gain Popularity

The bidet is a typically European toilet that has been installed for years in homes and public venues. It provides a convenient, paperless way to wash one's self after using the toilet. 

Americans have traditionally been 'turned off' by having to use a toilet system that offers no toilet paper for cleanliness and have preferred the typical commode instead. Most of both preferences are based on user's personal habits and cultural customs. 

In reference to the growing interest in combination bidet toilets, John Yates of HGTV states:

Top Bidet Companies

There is no real American interest in installing traditional bidets in most U.S. homes. However, recent years have seen many companies develop residential toilets that combine the best of both systems into one: a bidet toilet combo. Each company has its own specialty and offers a unique set of features that should be explored, before you decide on the right permanent or portable bidet system for a wet room for the disabled or for more traditional accessible bathrooms.

This ingenious product is basically a bidet toilet seat that can be attached to the typical commode, which converts it into a bidet system, but still retains the use of a traditional commode. The options of cleaning with either water or paper, or both, is provided. 

Benefits for the Disabled

Those who are physically challenged can benefit from using these systems in bathrooms for the disabled, especially if the user does not have dexterity in the hands or has mobility issues that make it difficult to clean with paper. Many people who deal with minor to major disabilities can enjoy a combination toilet bidet that makes going to the toilet so much easier and more hygienic.

Yates also says that, 

Various features available

There are many different features available on various models such as:

  • warm water nozzles for front and back
  • handheld bidet systems
  • automatic air dryers
  • deodorizers

Typical Prices

The prices, of course, are reflected in how luxurious or basic of a model you choose, and can run anywhere from $300 to $500 for a basic toilet bidet combination, to more than $1,500 for designer models. 

While the benefits of installing a bidet toilet for general home use are quite clear, there are even more important benefits for those who are disabled. When building a new disabled bathroom or retrofitting an accessible bathroom for your home, you may want to consider installing this type of toilet system for best overall usefulness. 

A toilet bidet combo is also perfect for a universal design bathroom in a home, so that everyone can easily use the same facilities.

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"Bidets are common in Europe, Latin America and Japan, where people use them because they are regarded as the best way to stay clean. People who don't use a bidet are considered to be unhygienic. 

As in America, the question of using a bidet is a matter of custom and habit. People in countries where bidets are found in every home find it difficult to change their habits, and will use the bathroom sink as they would a bidet if there is no other alternative."
"...many bidet models marketed in the U.S. are designed for installation on an ordinary toilet to create a combination, one-fixture-does-all unit...Americans may also be attracted by the ingenuity of these units."
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