Toilet Bidet: Handicapped Guide to Toilet Bidets, Bidet Toilet Seats, and Bidet Attachments
Toilet Bidet: Handicapped Guide to Bidets, Seats, and Bidet Attachments 

What is a bidet?

A bidet, pronounced bid-day, is an additional fixture located next to a conventional toilet. This fixture is used to wash off the genitalia after using the bathroom. 
It appears to be somewhat like a sink located side by side with 
a toilet in larger bathrooms, although it is not be used in the 
traditional manner as a sink because of obvious hygienic issues. 

Traditional bidets are commonly found in Asian and European 
countries, but not as frequently in American households. 
However, modern toilet bidet systems have ingeniously 
combined the best of both fixtures into a combo toilet that is 
gaining popularity in the U.S., especially for disabled bathrooms 
and for elderly people who have dexterity or mobility issues.

History of the bidet

The original bathroom bidet has its roots traced back to French inventors of the 1700's. Speculation is that it may have been the invention of French furniture maker, Gregoire Adrien Bide, although other inventors may also be credited with inventing the bidet bathroom system. 

The earliest recorded reference to the bidet in French society is 
in 1710. It was originally used in the bedroom and was a more 
primitive design than is seen today. 

By the 1900's, this unique bathroom fixture had been moved to 
the bathroom space because of the evolution in the use of fresh 
water in bathrooms. It continued to be a separate hygiene fixture 
along with the chamber pot, and in later years, became a 
companion to the modern toilet.

Types of modern bidet systems

Today, bidet systems have come a long way, baby! Consumers 
no longer simply have a choice of a bidet "sink" that must be 
separately installed alongside another commode fixture. There 
are all sorts of systems such as combination toilet bidets, bidet 
attachments and bidet toilet seats available from which to 

Bidet attachments

There is a plethora of bidet attachments available that offer a 
multiplicity of features at very reasonable prices. You can find a basic toilet bidet that can be simply installed directly from the incoming toilet water line with a T-joint. It's a DIYer's dream and many people are pleased to simply have the option of spraying off after going to the bathroom. There is no electricity or automatic functions involved, so the installation is easy.

Hand bidet or portable bidet

If you don't want to install a more complicated bidet system or if you just want to try out the idea of using a bidet in your bathroom, there are many types of hand bidet 
sprayers that you can use from your toilet. They are inexpensive and 
easy to use. Also, for traveling, you can get a portable bidet system that 
provides the bidet sprayer, so that you can use it in any bathroom as 
you travel. They are simple and easy to use.

Bidet seat

You can get more serious about using a bidet system by stepping up to a bidet toilet seat. There are many variations of this design from which to choose. There are electric bidets that offer all the bells and whistles of any expensive, fully functional system, such as warm water for washing off and warm air for automatic drying. 

There are many features available among the different models, which makes it very easy to find what you need for your situation. This version is more pricey than a basic attachment, but there are reasonably priced bidet seats for just about any budget.

Combo bidet toilets

toilet bidet combo is designed to combine the best features of a traditional commode and the cleaning power of the conventional bidet is gaining wide spread interest among U.S. consumers. The cost is more prohibitive for homeowners, but it is only one fixture that is installed much like the common handicapped toilet. 

The features are superb and are very popular among the disabled and elderly population. In fact, one bidet company reports that 40% of their customers are handicapped or physically challenged in some way. Combination toilet bidets offer wonderfully practical and comfortable usage in a bathroom for the disabled.

Bidet alongside toilet

If you want to retain the 'purest' attitude of the Europeans in 
regards to their bathrooms, you can also install an authentic 
bidet system in your bathroom. However, your bathroom square 
footage will need to be larger in order to accommodate both a 
commode and the bidet. 

Before you make this choice, however, be sure to fully 
investigate a conventional bidet to determine if it will really meet 
your needs and if it a comfortable choice for your bathroom. 

Many people find that using a conventional system is not to their liking and is rather complicated and uncomfortable to properly use. These systems are generally not best for a handicap bathroom design.

Benefits of a bidet toilet in a handicapped bathroom

There are many benefits to using bidet systems, especially for the handicapped bathroom area. Keep in mind that there are many different features offered among the various companies, but here is a list of some of the best bidet benefits that enhance a disabled bathroom. 

  • hands-free cleaning after bathroom use/paperless toilet
  • hygienic and healthier for those with little or no mobility
  • aids family members or caregivers who provide bathroom support 
  • comfortable for the user
  • promotes personal independence 
  • cost effective
  • easy installation, often without the help of a plumber or electrician
  • attachments and seats integrate easily with conventional toilets

Best features 

There are many different features available among the various types of products, but here are the best features that offer comfortable functionality for the disabled.

  • warm water sprayer
  • pulsating message sprayer
  • warm air dryer
  • bowl deodorizer system
  • water filter system 
  • tornado bowl flush
  • automatic open/close lid
  • electronic, push button controls
  • various seat sizes for bidet attachments 

How to choose a home bidet system

Choosing a bidet for your home bathroom is a personal choice that must be made when your particular needs are accessed. For customized accessibility bathrooms, be sure to consider the particular needs of your loved one before installing a system.

The degree of disability will directly impact what type of toilet bidet you choose. For example, the more dexterity and mobility a person has, the less features may be required. Hence, the lower price. On the other hand, for those who have very little mobility and dexterity, a more expensive combo toilet bidet may be what is required. 

You can discuss the particular needs with the disabled user as well as a doctor, physical therapist and building contractor who is knowledgeable in ADA bathroom requirements. The more knowledge you have, the better choice you will make.

Where to buy a bidet

There are many companies that specialized in bidet toilets and some further specialize in handicap toilet bidets. You can either purchase a system directly through a company's storefront, if there's one in your area, or you can order online through their store website. 

There are also discount online stores such as Amazon, that carry a variety of bidet attachments and bidet seats that are sold a bit cheaper than through the brand name stores. 

Brands and prices 

There are many different brands, both in the U.S. and abroad, that offer bidet systems that are good quality and highly functional. Here are some the best reviewed companies that you can check out for yourself. 

Bio Life Technologies - This company offers Coco bidets that are some of the best for personal hygiene and functionality. They are also designed with pleasing aesthetics in mind for beautiful home bathrooms.  

TOTO USA - TOTO has been a pioneer in modern toilets and is the originator of the Z series of home toilet bidets that offer "a pulsating massage spray, a power dryer, built-in-the-bowl deodorizing filter, the 'Tornado Wash' flush and a lid that opens and closes automatically," according to one report. They are a global, Japanese-based company that has an American division in the U.S.

Kohler - Kohler is a popular American company that manufacturers products for the home as well as for other venues. You can find a variety of Kohler toilet bidets and attachments that are good quality and reasonably priced, as well as superior quality, high end products.

Before you buy

The above companies, of course, are by no means the extent of excellent sources from which to find a handicap toilet system for home use. Before you make a decision about which toilet bidet to add to a new or renovated disabled bathroom, be sure to compare prices, features, warranties, installation requirements, quality and return policies.

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A toilet bidet can be the single best bathroom fixture that you add to a new or remodeled bathroom for the disabled. 

Check out our guide for what you need to know.

Bidet toilets offer unique and superior hygiene features that help the physically challenged retain more independence and personal dignity. 

If you're not familiar with the practical features and superior quality that a toilet bidet can bring to a disabled bathroom, read on!