Toilet Lift Seat: Best for Independence and Safety
Toilet Lift Seat: Best for Independence and Safety
A toilet lift seat is the ultimate handicap toilet accessory that offers excellent features for promoting independence and insuring safety for those who deal with serious mobility issues.

Some disabilities require the use of toilet lift seats because some disabled people are unable to lift themselves up from typical handicap toilet seats, even if the toilets meet ADA bathroom requirements for the correct height of 17 to 19" from the floor. Many types of disabilities make it impossible to maneuver to and from a toilet seat without the assistance of a caregiver as well. 

The two issues of physical inability to lift to and from a toilet seat independently, and the need for a caregiver when using the toilet, often make it necessary and much more convenient to add this home mobility aid to bathrooms for the disabled.

Benefits of Toilet Seat Lifts


Electric toilet seat lifts are portable and can be placed directly on top of a conventional or handicapped toilet without any adjustments or modifications. They are easy to install and easy to remove. You probably won't even need the assistance of a technician for installation.

Promotes independence

Retaining as much of one's independence and dignity is very important to those who are disabled. Using a power toilet lift seat can make it possible for some people to continue using the toilet without direct assistance from a caregiver. 

Without the use of a power lift for the toilet, many people would not be able to get on and off the toilet without assistance all the time. Many who are semi-ambulatory or ambulatory can remain at home longer and enjoy independence during bathroom necessities simply because they can safely and efficiently use a toilet power lift seat by themselves or with very little assistance.

Provides safety

Bathroom lift seats are designed to provide superior safety features for users. Safety concerns such as falling or other injuries are eliminated because a lift seat provides adequate support during the sit-to-stand activity while using the toilet. The electric power motor provides a gentle gliding motion that seats the user and then, easily raises the person up from the seated position. Toilet lifts also provide surround grab bars for even more safety. 

Weight limits can be between 250 lbs. to 500 lbs. or more, depending on the design, so those who are heavier can also feel secure and safe when using an elevator toilet seat.

Not only does a lift seat provide safety for the users, but also promotes safety to caregivers by keeping them from having to manually lift or shift a disabled person on and off a toilet. The safety and stability that these seats offer is beneficial to both user and caregiver.

Easy to use

The electrical mechanism in elevating toilet seats is easily controlled by a power switch that can be operated with the user's thumb. If a caregiver's assistance is necessary, some toilet lift chairs offer handheld controllers that can be operated by a family member or other caregiver.

2 types of lift chairs for the toilet

Toilet lift seat

A toilet lift seat generally operates with electric power from one or two small motors that are incased in the seat mechanism. It is operated by a controller and provides a smooth transition from standing to sitting, and then back again. This bathroom mobility device is the more expensive of the two versions. Prices can range anywhere from $900 to over $1,500, depending on 
quality and features.

Commode lift chair

This type of handicapped bathroom accessory can be placed on top of an existing toilet, or it can be used separately with an attached portable potty that can be secured below the seat. It is designed to operate without an electric motor and does not have a controller mechanism. It's genius is that it is built to support up to 80% of a person's body weight, and then depress slowly as they sit down on the toilet. 

When the seat is fully depressed, it locks into the place. The locking lever can then be flipped to cause the lifting mechanism to gently lift and support a person when he or she begins to stand.

This type of power lift toilet chair is perfect for those who have some lower body strength and can maneuver somewhat independently. They are also less expensive that an electric toilet lift seat. You can find a good quality commode lift chair for under $300.

Be sure to check with several medical equipment or companies that specialize in home mobility aids for handicapped bathrooms to find your best price and design of a toilet lift seat for your home.

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