Wheelchair Commode: Buying Tips for a Shower Commode Chair
A wheelchair commode is used by those with limited mobility for the mere purpose of toiletry ease and provides easier maneuvering and comfort for both users and caretakers alike.

Designed to aid those who can no longer walk or who struggle with mobility, the wheelchair made its debut in recorded history in the 6th century. The next date of note 
for the chair's evolution began in the German Renaissance during 
the 15th and 16th centuries. 

By 1933, inventors Harry Jennings and his disabled friend Herbert 
Everest, developed a lightweight steel and collapsible wheelchair. 
Jennings and Everest were able to quickly find a market for mass 
producing the product. This lightweight invention gave society the 
framework for the mildly updated chairs in use today. 

Many specialty wheelchairs have been developed to help with 
various functions for the disabled. The wheelchair commode is one
example of a mobility aid that is widely used in wheelchair accessible
bathrooms that provides a necessary role in the daily health needs 
of the disabled. There are both adult and pediatric wheelchairs
available for all ages.

What are commode wheelchairs?

This lightweight chair is used by those with limited mobility for the mere purpose of toiletry ease. Most are built to be rust resistant and extremely durable. For users and caretakers alike, the wheelchair commode provides easier maneuvering and comfort.

Types and Features

The Invacare Mariner is a lightweight and rust resistant commode chair built for bathroom and shower use in accessible bathrooms. A portable pail is an added bonus to this chair, as it is removable and may be easily cleaned. However, it is not a must to use the pail. 

The Drive Medical Shower chair is yet another option for those with limited mobility. This simple wheelchair toilet comes without footrests which may easily get in the way. The chair promises a non-skid label and has swivel casters, two of which lock in the rear. This shower commode wheelchair is also lightweight and collapsible, making travel needs easy.


Simply put, time in disabled bathrooms no longer has to be a daunting task for caretakers and for those with limited mobility. Most chairs are lightweight and may be carted easily from one venue to the next. Almost all of these chairs are rust resistant and provide a lifetime of comfort.


When looking for a suitable chair, a person has to know what chairs will serve his or her shower and toilet needs. Some chairs are larger than others and may not fit tighter confines of some accessible bathrooms. Chairs do not extend to such heights as to allow its users to use the shower head to his or her advantage. While there are many advantages and disadvantages, a person should be prepared to do research before purchasing.

Buying Tips

Set a price range for yourself, friend, or family member. Make a list of qualities you seek in a commode and shower wheelchair and begin researching. Also, be sure to consult your doctor or therapist for more suggestions.

This chair is a versatile and durable mobility aid that may be used in any bathroom for the disabled.Living up to the wheelchair's rich historical past, the wheelchair commode continues to touch history and change the lives of many disabled people for the better. 

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